Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My new found LOVE

 So yes I've been away for awhile I know. I will post on that another day. So the last couple weeks I have discovered a new love and that is RESIN!. I have been enjoying making resin jewelry and coaster which I will start selling soon. Here are some of my work so far.

these will hang on wall

these are coasters i made my mom

mostly necklaces a couple rings and one set of earrings

Well this is what I have done so far that turned out the rest of them not pictured not so great. I guess you lose some and win some.I will see you guys later.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm back

Sorry I haven't posted any updates. Well it is official I will not be going to school apparently my high school transcripts wasn't good enough which sucks :( . So now I'm back to doing the norm. I have finally got my anxiety under control. I am starting a vlog on youtube . I have been hitting the dollar trees alot lately I'm abscessed right now. We have been out and about lately spending time together. Here are some pictures:    

i also made this dress

Made this dress a couple weeks ago

 I know it was alot of pictures but these was taken over several days. Hope you enjoy the photos. See you next time thanks for reading. Click here to see my first vlog post